Cavpower Gepps Cross, SA

The Cavpower Component Rebuild Centre is a brand new facility specialising in the reconditioning of mining machinery. Designed to accommodate the largest pieces of industrial machinery in the southern hemisphere, the centre’s equipment must constantly contend with enormous motors that are larger than the average family car.


In accordance with the centre’s reconditioning processes, 2000-plus horsepower engines and associated gearboxes are routinely doused in chemical baths before being subject to blasting with high-pressure, high-temperature water. A means of delivering outstanding high pressure and temperature performance was therefore paramount.


In conjunction with Karcher high-pressure cleaners, Rheem delivered a continuous flow Tankpak that incorporated eight continuous flow burners and two storage tanks. The burners (positioned to provide critical top-down heating) offer a primary flow and return capacity, while the two tanks ensure system redundancy. This means that even in the rare instance of a single tank expiry, the system will still be able to supply the centre’s 90-litre per minute requirement with no impact on production or process. Despite being faced with a limited natural gas supply, Rheem technicians were still able to calibrate the system to ensure optimised operation. Karcher Pressure Cleaners: 3 x HDC 60/16 high-pressure guns Hot water package: 1 x Tankpak Series 2 - TPE08NBD/2430


The Rheem continuous flow Tankpak supplies up to 90-litres-per-minute at 75˚C. A unique product designed to run at higher temperatures than domestic units, it has the ability to operate at up to 80˚C if required. It can also be adjusted to deliver lower temperatures.

Rheem Tankpak is available in models ranging in size from 2 to 18. Each model incorporates the controller, pump, line strainer and power supply for all water heaters. Each package is fully factory assembled and tested, and only requires the on-site connection of the storage tanks.

Installed by: Hurst Plumbers, May 2017


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