Katherine District Hospital - Katherine - NT

Katherine District Hospital is a critical piece of public healthcare infrastructure catering to patients from some of the most remote communities in the Northern Territory, servicing an area of 336,674 km2.

Hot Water Requirements

The hospital needed a major hot water system upgrade, converting from an old heat exchange system to an electric-boosted solar pre-heat system. The new system services 11 bedrooms, 2 delivery-birth suites, 2 theatres and 3 utility rooms.


Rheem provided a renewable energy solution comprised of 3 x 1000 litre Stainless Steel Commercial Storage tanks to store the high percentage of solar contribution. The water in each tank is heated by the sun, and the tank’s multi-fitting arrangement allows for a largecapacity heating element in the top of each tank to provide in-tank electric boosting if required.

The tanks were craned to the rooftop, and the pipe work was manifolded to allow ease of tank replacement at end-of-life. The Rheem Commercial team provided instruction and guidance via photos, email and phone to ensure the solar panels and tanks were equa-flow manifolded for even flow through the system.



Hot water package:

24 x NPT200 Solar Collectors

3 x RT1000SS Commercial Storage tanks for solar pre-heat and electric boost

Each tank: 1 x 15kW heating element (boosting the top third of the tank)

The system provides hot water to the existing warm water infrastructure for hospital bedrooms, maternity birthing suites, surgical theatres, and dirty utilities.

Installed by: Jordan Plumbing Hydraulics


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