Southern Bottling Company Edinburgh, SA

The Southern Bottling Company, located in Australia’s largest wine-producing state, recently commissioned a new production base that specialises in the bottling of wines for niche markets. The facilities feature state of the art bottling equipment.

Hot Water Requirements

With hygiene critical, the plant needed a reliable, fail safe hot water supply for use in its cleaning and sterilisation procedures.


In order to meet the plant’s stringent needs, Rheem provided RT 1000 Stainless Steel Commercial Storage tanks with a Raypak heater unit. Rheem technicians were not only faced with the challenge of dealing with limited external plant space, but also the need to render it accessible for future gas type conversion. Currently powered by an LPG supply, the plant will convert to mains natural gas when it becomes available.


Hot water package: 1 x Raypak BO430PCM heater and 1 x Rheem RT1000 SS Commercial Storage tank Application: 1 x bottle steriliser The Raypak heater unit supplies up to 50 litres per minute at 85˚C for a duration of 20 minutes at two-hour intervals. It also offers the capacity to boost the temperature to 95°C for certain processes when required Installed by: Advanced Commercial Plumbing


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