Vision on Morphett Adelaide, SA

Located on Morphett Street in Adelaide’s booming northwest, Vision sits in the epicentre of the city’s educational, cultural, dining and entertainment precincts. Just moments from Adelaide’s best universities and a stone’s throw from Central Market, Chinatown and Rundle Mall, the contemporary development sets a new standard in desirable inner-city living.

Hot Water Requirements

Vision’s design required a significant degree of solar energy contribution towards its hot water needs. The solution needed to have the ability to service 119 onebed apartments, 60 two-bed apartments, 9 three-bed apartments, we well as 3 penthouses.


Rheem supplied a twelve heater Tankpak Series 2 system with two Commercial Storage vitreous enamel lined tanks. The twelve heaters provide top down heating to the building and redundancy ensuring the system is able to operate at its required capacity at all times. Rheem also provided a solar pre-heat package consisting of eight Commercial Storage tanks and twenty four solar collectors. The solar component contributes approximately 25% of the Summer daily load requirements.


Operating at a standard domestic hot water temperature of 65˚C, Rheem Tankpak Series 2 provides sufficient hot water for the 10,190 litre peak period and the daily load of 15,285 litres.

Rheem Tankpak Series 2 is available in models ranging in size from 2 to 18. Each model incorporates the controller, pump, line strainer and power supply for all water heaters. Each package is fully factory assembled and tested, and only requires the on-site connection of the storage tanks.

Installed by: Smith Brothers Plumbing,


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