Zen Apartments Wentworth Point, NSW

Zen is the third of six blocks at Wentworth Point to be built by property developer Billbergia. The $150 million project consists of two 30-storey towers and a 10-storey building. Rheem was called in during the design phase by plumbing contractor Bluewater Group and Jem Consulting Engineers to provide a cost-effective solution for the building’s hot water requirements of the 170 apartments of Tower B.

Hot Water Requirements

Tower B includes 170 apartments. Rheem’s challenge was to provide a suitable hot water plant design and selection to service a building with an anticipated consumption requirement of 10,925 litres over a one hour peak period each day, and operate successfully on the roof top of the 30-storey tower.


The Rheem Tankpak frame and assembly is wind load certified for buildings up to 200m in all terrain categories up to and including wind region B, and 30m in terrain category 3 and 4 in wind region C. The assembly is also certified for crane lifting, providing peace of mind to consultants and contractors alike that the system is fit for purpose in these challenging applications.

  • 1 x Rheem TPE12NBD (Tankpak 12 with back to back configuration)
  • 3 x Rheem 610430 (storage tanks)


Rheem Tankpak is available in models as small as 2, all the way up to 18. Each model incorporates the controller, pump, line strainer and power supply for all of the water heaters on the package and is fully factory assembled and tested requiring only connection of the storage tanks on site.

Owner: Billbergia

Engineering Consultant: Jem Consulting Engineers

Installed by: Bluewater Group


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