MODEL NO: RD200 – RD800

Rheem Crossflow Delivery Skid



  • Rheem Crossflow is used to instantaneously transfer the heat from the primary circuit to the secondary or domestic hot water circuit without the need for further storage.

  • Consists of two 316L stainless steel single wall brazed plate heat exchangers, and a temperature controlled variable speed circulator for the primary fluid circuit to regulate the rate of energy transfer to the potable water.

  • The Rheem Crossflow controls allow heat input up to 90°C to be supplied on the primary side and accurate, reduced temperature to be delivered on the potable side.

  • Each heat exchanger can be separately isolated and removed for individual maintenance, thus providing redundancy capability.

  • WaterMark certified heat exchanger
  • Instantaneous delivery
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Dual pump for duty/standby redundancy
  • Manifold delivery skids for greater output
  • 316L stainless steel single wall brazed plate-type heat exchangers
  • Suitable for water to water only applications
  • Insulated heat exchangers to maximise efficiency
  • Hot dip galvanised frame
  • 316L stainless steel pipe work
  • Low pressure loss
  • 1 year parts and labour

Warranty conditions apply *Nominal flow rate calculated with primary side temperature of 80°C and the secondary side inlet/outlet 15°C/65°C

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The heat exchanger shall be Rheem Crossflow model _ with a nominal output of ___kW. The maximum flow rate shall be _ L/min with primary side temperature of  _ oC and secondary side temperature rise of ___oC. The system shall comprise twin 316L, single wall, brazed plate heat exchangers of the dual pass type each providing 50% of the load and be equipped with isolation valves and unions to facilitate hot swapping of heat exchangers without shutting the system down. The heat exchangers shall be WaterMark certified. A dual head variable speed pump shall be used to regulate primary side flow rate in response to secondary side demand. Manifolding shall be made from 316L stainless steel. An adjustable auto reset over temperature cut out shall be incorporated to prevent system overheating. The system shall be fully factory assembled on a hot dip galvanised steel frame and tested to a working pressure of 1400kPa.

Rheem Heat Exchanger Technology - Commercial brochure Sept 2015

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Ready to buy a Rheem?

For help to make the right choice, access our network of Rheem Approved Plumbers and Stockists.