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Our Products

At Rheem we believe in going beyond the expected and striving for what’s possible. It’s how we’ve run our business and designed our products since we began in Australia in 1939. We’re committed to leading the way in water heating with intelligent products and sustainable solutions that make a difference for you and the planet.

Water heating accounts for approximately 25% of the average Australian household’s energy use, so reducing the energy used by water heating products can make a big difference to the environment. That’s why we’re committed to developing renewable energy and water saving products such as high efficiency gas, solar, heat pump and smart water heaters that use excess energy from your rooftop PV system.

Solar water heaters can gather up to 80% of their energy needs form the sun, making them cheap to run and with a low greenhouse gas impact. Rheem and its affiliated companies have been manufacturing solar water heaters in Australia for over 50 years, and are an internationally recognised pioneer in the technology, with our products exported to over 40 countries. Our solar water heaters are available in a range of configurations, and are sold under brand names that include Solahart, Vulcan and Rheem. 

Heat pumps
Heat pump water heating technology (also known as hybrid) has really only been common in the Australian market since the late 2000’s. This technology uses heat naturally in the air around us as its main energy source – a totally renewable energy. This renewable heat provides approximately two thirds of the energy that the unit requires, the rest is supplied by electricity. This means that heat pumps typically use two thirds less energy than an electric water heater, depending on the application. Rheem was an early entrant into this technology, and our range of heat pumps continues to evolve to ensure that our products meet the varying demands of the Australian environment.
We’ve been a long term leader in high efficiency gas products – we launched the world’s first five-star gas storage water heater in the 1990’s (The Rheem “Stellar”) and we continued to innovate ever since with a line up of 6 Star energy efficient continuous flow gas water heaters. Today we supply a range of high efficiency gas storage and continuous flow gas water heaters, so that Australians can enjoy the benefits of gas water heating across the full range of potential installation situations.

Next Generation Smart Water Heating
In 2018 Rheem’s Solahart division launched the Solahart PowerStore water heater. A world’s first, this product intelligently detects excess electricity generated from your rooftop solar array, and diverts it to heat water. With hundreds of these already installed, and through remote monitoring, the evidence is clear that these “thermal batteries” have the potential to drive down water heating costs even further than before. Our product has recently been chosen by ARENA to demonstrate the ability of smart water heaters to drive down costs and maintain grid stability.

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