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MAXI Series - Filtered Boiling Chilled & Hot Water
The modular Rheem Maxi 3 & Maxi 4 Aqua & Azure™ models provide up to 165 cups of energy efficient filtered boiling water per hour and can also provide hot water from a mixer tap. Combine with the Rheem pumped chiller module for up to 180 glasses of filtered chilled water per hour from the same dispensing tap.

Features at a Glance

5 years
  • Provides hot water from the same base unit as the boiling water without the need for a separate water heater
  • Stylish Designer hot and cold mixing tap
  • Energy saving features including a timer to turn the unit off and a sleep mode that powers down the unit when it’s not in use
  • Safety features including a safety lock and automatic time out
  • Inbuilt 5 micron filter
  • Automatic leak detection shuts off water supply
  • Pumped chiller design maintains constant flow regardless of system pressure
  • Modular design allows easier fitment into tight cupboard spaces
  • 5 years tank warranty*
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty*

*Warranty conditions apply

The boiling water unit shall be Rheem Maxi 3 providing up to 165 cups of boiling water and 180 glasses of chilled water per hour. The unit shall also provide hot water from a ‘Designer’ style mixing tap providing up to 10L/min mixed temperature flow at 300kPa supply pressure. The unit shall be supplied with a 5 micron filter fitted inside the unit. The dispensing tap shall be the AzureTM style and incorporate Ready and Filter Change indicator lights and a child safety lock feature. and be air cooled via discreet ventilation grilles. The boiling water unit shall incorporate a leak sensing device that will automatically shut off the water supply in the event water is detected in the base of the unit. The boiling water unit shall incorporate automatic calibration of boiling point and include electronic sensing of high and low level to prevent over filling and running unit dry. Energy saving features include 7 day programmable timer and sleep mode that powers down the unit when it has not been used for a period of 2 hours. The boiling water unit shall be WaterMark certified and have a Certificate of Suitability for electrical safety.