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MODEL NO: 954015
Water to Water (W2W) 15kW Commercial Heat Pump

Rheem's Commercial Water to Water (W2W) heat pump includes units using R134a for hot water heating up to 65°C, with an entering water temperature on the building loop of 12°C to 35°C, providing a COP of 6 to 7 depending on system configuration, giving a return water temperature of 7°C, with the units being compact and suitable for indoor or external installation.

Features at a Glance

2 years
• Excellent return on investment for magnified savings on operating cost.
• Delivers domestic hot water up to 65°C as well as reduces building chilling load with combined Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 7.
• Adds to the green points from end-of-trip facilities.
• Reduced footprint with available stackable models.
• Supplied with built-in Rheem iQ controller with optional BMS capability.
• WaterMark Certified.
• 2-year warranty on parts and labour on sealed systems*
• 1-year warranty on parts and labour on remainder*
*Warranty conditions apply
The water heater shall be Rheem commercial heat pump model 954015__ with a nominal heating output of 15 kW and cooling output of 10 kW with a combined C.O.P of 7.0 at 12oC in/7oC out chilled water temperature. The water heater shall have a delivery temperature of up to 65°C and be capable of connecting with building return circulation loop. The refrigerant shall be R134a. The water heater shall conform to Australian Standard 3498 and be WaterMark certified. The water heater shall be factory assembled and tested. The water heater shall be manufactured with marine grade aluminium casing. The water heater shall have outputs for connection to a BMS system and have auxiliary boost control function. The water heater shall incorporate tank temperature sensor, building flow temperature sensor as well as the following sensors for hot side water inlet & outlet temperature and chilled side water inlet & outlet temperature and discharge refrigerant temperature, suction and discharge refrigerant pressure transducers, cold water flow switch and low temperature cut out switch.